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With time, the senior members of our families age, and their needs change. As they descend into old age, their daily health requirements increase. The age post fifty-five is considered to be aging in most societies. Every aged individual does not have the same problems, some even do not develop any type of problems and can live with the available amenities till the late eighties, but many require medical and other facilities right at their doorstep, and some require nursing help for twenty-four hours at a stretch. Many elderlies develop serious medical problems and need constant assistance, while some remain extremely stable and fit even during the twilight years.  Senior living works in a manner where all the seniors in their community receive the necessary help required. They have a large arena of options available that work in accordance with the resident’s requirements.

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Finding a suitable senior living setting catering to all the required needs can often be stressful. People are often unsure where to start their search from. Their requirements vary to a huge extent, from in-home care to living with communities of their own age.  In order to reduce the stress arising from researching the available and active senior living options, they are divided into three categories, based on the way they function and the amenities that they provide. These communities house residents from their retirement to their entire lifetime. They help the seniors relive their lives, live happily and healthily and also help the other family members work peacefully without worrying about the needs of their elderly parents or grandparents. Often family members suffer from the guilt of not being able to provide the needful requirements of the aged in their families due to their own work pressure and other duties. Senior living facilities relieve the family members of this stress by providing the seniors with the required help.

In order to ease the search for senior living, they are divided into:

Independent senior living facilities are designed for adults who are descending into old age. Often, the residents here are active and social and barely require many medical amenities.

Assisted living provides the residents with a combination of housing facilities as well as a required medical help. They also receive full assistance in daily activities like cooking, bathing, etc.

Tailored for seniors with extreme medical conditions, these living facilities are available for seniors who have descended into dementia or heart disease, or other serious medical conditions which require daily and 24×7 medical care.

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