Fully Serviced Senior Living Complete Hassle free & Worry free Living Experience

This community offers residents a comfortable and worry-free lifestyle from food, housekeeping, laundry to 24×7 emergency services.

Fully-Serviced Senior Living

Fully-Serviced Senior Living provides the residents with a combination of housing facilities as well as a required medical help. They also receive full assistance in daily activities like cooking, bathing, etc. Often these places provide private or semi-private bedrooms but the other living spaces are often shared among the residents.

How Fully-Serviced Senior Living Works

Care Homes
  1. In-house provisions-These residential areas provide cooked meals, clean laundry, exercise, transportation facilities, and time-to-time medical assistance to the residents. 
  2. Provisions unavailable-Often these places do not house emergency medical services and skilled nursing facilities for seniors. 
  3. Best-suited for-These places are perfect for seniors who find difficulties with performing day-to-day activities. They often struggle with motor and mobility skills or have suffered from a big injury or surgical treatment which makes them physically incapable in their early ageing years. These seniors do not require emergency medical services most of the time and can carry on well with assistance in domestic work.

Our Best Senior Living Properties

Antara 1

Antara Senior Living

Antara Senior Living is a Max Indian company that operates independent senior living and retirement communities in India.


Columbia Pacific is India’s largest senior living community, with located in five cities and 1,600 residents in nine communities.


Silver Glades

Silver glades is a leading senior living developer in India, specializing in Residential Housing and Commercial.

Ashiana Advik is India’s first senior living community which rewarded with best senior living community for five times.


Independent living facilities are meant for seniors aged between 55 to 70 years. They enjoy active social lives. Fully-Serviced Living living is for seniors aged 75 years and above. They require assistance in doing their daily work.

Fully Serviced Senior Living is meant for adults aged 75 years and above and require constant support in doing their day to day activities. They need to be fed, bathed, and clothed. They also require complete assistance in doing household chores.

Nursing Homes are meant for people who are critically ill and require constant medical attention. Residents at Fully-Serviced Living Living do not require constant medical support.

The price varies from property to property. Since these places provide additional facilities, they cost a bit more than Independent Living Facilities. The price starts from approximately 40,000 INR per month.

  Residents at Fully-Serviced Senior Living are provided with 24×7 house help. Community meal is provided. They also get assistance in doing their daily works like bathing, feeding themselves, staying clean, etc