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Independent living is a great option for seniors who want to maintain their independence while receiving the support they need.

Independent Senior Living

Independent senior living facilities are designed for adults who are descending into old age. Often, the residents here are active and social and barely require many medical amenities. Healthcare and emergency services are often absent within the premises since the residents are more or less physically capable. These residential quarters are perfect for seniors who are in search of low-maintenance living but also seek to broaden their social lives by living within a community setting.

How Independent Senior Living Works

Healthcare and housekeeping- These living spaces come with little or no daily healthcare facilities and routine check-ups. Often there are housekeeping facilities available where there are hired staff who help maintain the hygiene of the elders. They change their bedsheets, clean rooms, and look after the other interior and exterior maintenance of the living quarters where the elderly are residing. The facilities available are extremely limited since they look forward to catering to the needs of seniors who are still physically capable. Often these places have cafes within the premises where the seniors can get together to chat and order coffee and food. 

Provision for recreation and exercise-There are also clubs, classes and events catering to the passions and hobbies of the elderly like art classes, concerts, or lecture events. There are also various fitness amenities like swimming pools, fitness clubs, and gyms dedicated to the needs of the seniors. 

Provision for community meals-In order to keep a check on the nourishment of the elderly, they are provided with healthy community meals and they also dine together in community dining spaces.

Age-restrictive-Independent living spaces are often age-restricted, that is, they do not take in people above a certain age because their requirements will be more than these settings can provide. With the increase in age, the needs of seniors change. They require more medical help than before since their immunity deteriorates and they become prone to serious illnesses like heart diseases, diabetes, etc. There are other options within the spectrum of senior living arrangements which cater to the additional needs of the aged.

Our Best Senior Living Properties

Antara Senior Living is a Max Indian company that operates independent senior living and retirement communities in India.

Columbia Pacific is India’s largest senior living community, with located in five cities and 1,600 residents in nine communities.


Pioneer Advait

Experience unmatched comfort, personalized care, and refined indulgence.

Ashiana Advik is India’s first senior living community which rewarded with best senior living community for five times.


Independent senior living is often age restricted. Seniors aged 55 and above with active social and healthy lives can avail such options. It is most suitable for seniors who do not suffer from serious ailments and require constant medical attention.

In India, Independent living comes in various options. The most common ones are apartments. There are 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK apartments available for buying and renting. Some brands also offer Villas.

 In most cases, the average price of apartments starts from 40 Lakhs.

There are various amenities available for the seniors to enjoy. Provision for clubs, swimming pools, yoga classes, open gymnasium, walking lanes, cafes are available within the premises