Why Senior Living?

Senior livings or retirement homes are homes designed specifically for the senior citizens of a country where they can live independently post-retirement and also maintain dignified lives. These homes are perfect living spaces for the elderly as they are provided with amenities for their physical incapability, medical problems, and nourishment. Senior living homes or retirement homes are very much different from old age homes where the families abandon their ageing members and are left to live their lives without proper care. Senior living homes, on the other hand, provide the residents with their own living spaces, while giving them ample opportunities to have a private life as well as a social one. They can participate in community activities with people of their age groups and avail of medical care right at their homes. Home care makes their lives easier and safer in this regard. There are also exceptionally trained nurses who can assist the residents during times of health crisis. The management also indulges the seniors in various physical activities which keep them mentally and physically fit.

Worry Free Life

In order to stay healthy during old age, one should lead a relaxed life, be filled with fun, remain physically active, be independent of others’ control over himself, and have a purpose to live. A healthy lifestyle also means not getting worried or falling into depression and other mental diseases. Maintaining good mental health is as necessary as staying fit physically since both of these are correlated. Senior homes are perfect for keeping the elderly fit mentally.

1. 24×7 Medical Facility –  

Senior homes are well-equipped with doctors and nurses available to cater to the medical needs and emergencies of the elderly. They can avail of house check-ups as well. Also, these places are furnished with wheelchairs and emergency call buttons which the residents can use with ease.

 2. Well-decorated premise-

Often, the premises are decorated with beautiful lawns, clubs, etc. and such a view impedes negative thoughts from taking over the resident’s mind. They can enjoy the greenery and the entertainment facilities provided to them. This not only helps keep their minds away from negativities but also helps them maintain their social lives.

3. Full-private living spaces-

Seniors don’t have to worry about their privacy since these homes provide them with their own living quarters where they can live their lives independently. Even when they live their lives on their own, they can have everything provided to them at their doorsteps.

Build Your Community Again

Although the residents are provided with their own living spaces, they can easily socialize with the other residents. Old age is primarily a lonely phase for people where they urgently require the company of others since they otherwise spend most of their lives homebound, also various health issues avert socialization for them.

Participating in Community Programmes-

Senior homes encourage residents to participate in community activities- literary, cultural, and many more. They also socialize with people beyond their communities. Often these places open up to people for visiting who can spend quality time with the seniors. They also get visits from their families from time to time.

Outside sitting provision-

The premises provide sitting arrangements outside on their lawns or have clubhouses for the elderly which are open for them throughout. They can get together, discuss and indulge in various indoor games.

A community feeling-

Engaging with the people living in the same community creates a ‘we’ feeling and helps the seniors build a social circle once again.

Follow Your Hobby

Retirement from one’s job means ample time at hand. People can easily get back to the activities that they once loved doing. Old age comes with various health issues which hinder them from engaging in any physically arduous games like playing football. Seniors primarily engage in activities like painting, reading, knitting, etc.

 1) Provision of Clubs- Senior living is often equipped with clubs where the seniors can enroll themselves and turn their hobbies into something fruitful. These clubs often organize speeches, literary meetings, and competitions where they can participate and experience a marvelous time.

2) Monetising hobbies- Senior homes often help monetize the elders’ hobbies. They can encourage them to sell their embroidery works or paintings to people outside their community. This is not only in tune with their independent lifestyle, but also motivates them to improve themselves and engage in more productive work.

3) Staying Fit- It is also medically proven that old people stay happy and free from ailments once they are engaged in any kind of social activity or recreational activities. Practicing their hobbies often helps the elderly stay safe from severe ailments like dementia, anxiety, and depression.